MyPCInfo V1.3 - Now includes license key inventory.


MyPCInfo collects a huge ammount of hardware, software and configuration details from your PC or server.
The information can be used for documentatiion, optimizing or troubleshooting issues you may have.
You can install MyPCInfo locally, but you can also use it as a portable application, starting it from a USB-Pen, Network Drive etc.
MyPCInfo can save all data to xml files, and even send it by mail.

It is completely free of charge, and can be distributed as you please...

Physical drives information.
1. Click desired information button.
2. Yellow textbox, showing you the current view.
3. If there are more elements to show, they will be available in a drop down box.


Mark the desired check boxes, and save or mail the information as xml files.
xml files can be opened using Excel for instance.

Clik here to get MyPCInfo